Advantages of using InfoJET

  1. High Security for your Company Data
    • High security measures are deployed in our system; data are encrypted during transferal and storage to ensure the best protection for security and privacy. Our security measures are comparable to those protective measures used by well-known enterprises.

  2. Business Data are encrypted and could be stored in Hong Kong servers

  3. Minimum Capital Outlay with Maximum Return and Flexibility
    • To subscribe to InfoJET service is more flexible than to purchase a similar system. The subscribers can retain more capital to expand their business and can refuse to renew the lease when it expires if they are not satisfied. If the user had purchased a solution and found that it does not fit the business operation perfectly, the system and the cost of it will become a deficit to the companyˇs operation.

  4. Real-time Efficiency
    • As the inputted information will be updated instantly when entered, therefore InfoJET subscribers could know the real-time business situation.

  5. A Perfect Balance between Accuracy and Input
    • By one single data entry, information will be exchanged and updated automatically in all relevant modules. This mechanism substantially improves accuracy through minimum manual inputs.
  6. 24/365 Round-the-Globe Access
    • Subscribers can stay in touch with their business closely anywhere anytime.

  7. Speaks the World
    • InfoJET supports 9 different languages and different currencies.

  8. Operated by All Levels of the skilled Workers
    • Only basic computer & Internet skills are required to operate on InfoJET.

  9. Analysis in Full
    • Full ranges of analytical reports are available, such as cost analysis, customer and products sales ratio and trend analysis.

  10. Pioneering Design
    • Unique modular designs allow rapid development of modules tailored to the userˇs needs.

  11. Applicable Almost to All Trades

  12. Improves Corporate Image
    • Computerization improves productivity and working efficiency, which promotes positive corporate images.
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