Our company has been providing computer-based and web-based information systems and solutions to a diverse clientele since 1999. Our services include software development, computer networking, website building, website hosting, and project management.

In April 2005, I-ON-TECHNOLOGY LIMITED was officially established. Our focus is on the development of a high security and user-friendly Application Groupware, InfoJET. It is an Online Business Groupware on rental principle. InfoJET is a module-based creation, which shares a common database that facilitates instant data exchanges and information renewals. Subscribers could access to their accounts anywhere and anytime to validate and update business information; and to print reports . In general, InfoJET brings in modernization, transparency, competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness for subscribers .

A dedicated team operates I-ON-TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, including software and hardware veterans; engineers; manufacturing and logistic management experts and sales professionals. Our team has completed a variety of business software including the followings:

  • Enterprise Resources Program (ERP)
  • Human Resources and Salary Management System
  • Customers Relationship Management Program (CRM)
  • Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID)
  • Point Of Sales System (POS)
  • Oil Card Management System
  • Property Management System
  • Rental Management System

Our clients cover the following diverse industries:

  • Oil Company
  • Pharmacy
  • Clinic
  • Construction Company
  • Jeweler
  • Travel Agency
  • Immigration Consultant
  • Manufacturer
  • Courier
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